A Rare Case for Tone Mapping

I am not normally a fan of heavily tone mapped HDR, but there are times when I am willing to resort to it. It is a quick and dirty way to brush up old, washed out slides.

A dog observing a conversation by Boris Pfaffenzeller on 500px.com
I used Affinity photo to process scans at three different brightness levels and toned down the micro-contrast somewhat from the default setting.

This is a busy time of year for me, so I just about found time to trawl through some more old shots that fit this category. The two street scenes in Moscow are in the same slide set as the older photograph above, but I didn’t pay any attention to them so far. They just looked like opening salvoes on a roll of film at the time.

Looking back, they appear more meaningful, if only because they are snapshots of a time and a place which in this form no longer exists.

Trolling Comrade Yezhov

Petapixel recently published a piece on Soviet image doctoring, obviously prior to Photoshop. Early efforts, it says, were based on scratching and repainting negatives. Well, they may have been, but the infamous work done on the removal of Yezhov is praised as neat. With this in mind, I am wondering how modern tools would do by comparison.








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