CCCP: Some output from the Zorki 1

Not all commie cameras are crappy. I sung the praises of the Pentacon Six before and the Moskva 5 was a well featured camera for its time.
The Zorki 1, or at least my Zorki 1, is crappy indeed, if only because it didn’t age well. It’s industar lens is visibly wonky and the movement in the shutter curtain is uneven to the point where part of the frame often looks overexposed.
It is also a bottom feeding model, needing a Leica cut to the film leader –not a crappy feature in itself, but a decidedly old fashioned way of doing things.
Nevertheless, it yielded enough results to move beyond a twitter post. The first usable frame on the role is of a row of trees by the side of a road. The road is not very pretty, and neither is this edge of the forest in real life, but it looks good on photo. I like the softish focus from these older lenses which isn’t quite blurry and more subtle than what is obtained from soft focus filters.
Most of the other shots were taken at the sea by New Brighton -usually a good place. In some of them, the uneven exposure actually works or is not noticeable.
I also tried a long exposure at night. This gave me a well defined flare (I have no hood for this lens) and little else.
To nobody’s surprise the camera revealed its flaws and limitations. And yet, even a beat up 70 year old camera from a line of products with deserved reputation for poor quality control can on average perform adequately. Not a perfect result, but better than the régime that oversaw its production.

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