Locked Down

The last year offered few opportunities for photography, but it offered some. These opportunities were eerie, sometimes depressing but at least they were there, interrupting the monotony centrally planned withdrawal from public space.
Over this period, I shot a roll of Tmax P3200 at ISO1600 in an old Canon FTb. Roaming the streets like Omega man at least came with the unusual attraction of seeing the inner city like a still life, unusually quiet in daylight.
There are some shots in near empty shops when the lock down was relaxed somewhat and some from a sparsely populated gallery.
All in all, the lock-downs left a strange impression. An unusual, strangely tempting photographic backdrop on the one hand coupled with an unsettling sense of foreboding with what the aftermath will bring.
Birkenhead park had more squirrels than joggers while the lock-down was first eased. In time, it will fill again but the empty pubs and shops may not.

I don’t think anybody knows what will happen next, but something tells me this will not end well. At least my Ilfotech-DDX didn’t go off -things could always be worse …

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  1. I live in southern California and this state was on lock down too, I was able to go out for photo walks anytime I wanted.
    There were others out, we just did not stop and talk.

    I like the image taken at ground level with the cobblestone and railing. Must have been shot stopped down since there’s a large DOF.

    1. Yes, going for walks was possible here too. I just wonder how many businesses will reopen if this is ever over…
      The ground level image was indeed stopped down (I was shooting at ISO1600 in daylight, so all the outside ones were). It is also a 24mm lens, so plenty of DoF.

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