Using the Yongnuo YN35mm f2 with Canon EF-Mount

A brief look at a bang for buck wide angle lens

Yonguo 35mm f2
Yonguo 35mm f2 on an APS DSLR

The Yongnuo YN35mm f2 is a budget 35mm lens that comes with a number of lens mounts. It weighs a mere 300g focuses from 0.25m, has mechanical manual focus and, unlike some low end Canon lenses, it has a metal bayonet. At the time of writing it retails for under £120.

Not surprisingly, it is far from perfect. The focus falls off relatively quickly from the centre and it is a bit soft, though not in an unpleasant way. On an APS body the YN35 f2 makes for a nice, lightweight normal lens while offering the usual wide angle field of view on a full frame body.
Overall, this is a good value for money lens with few surprises. Auto-focus works as it should, as does manual focus. My copy failed me in sub-zero temperatures (just below freezing) but otherwise worked fine on compatible cameras.Close up and wide open ...
The compatible camera part is worth paying attention to: the Yonguo should work nicely with APS and full frame DSLRs but only communicates with very late Canon analogue bodies. I had no problems using it on ELAN7 / EOS 30/33 bodies or the entry level EOS300V. Anything older, and it goes on strike – and there is no need to go back to the EOS620 either. The relatively late EOS3 is already too old.

Taken with Canon Elan 7NE with Yonguo 35mm f2 and Kodak TMax 400.

Overall: a cheap fair weather lens, and film shooters should be mindful of compatibility issues.

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