Acros 100 vs Acros 100 II: an Unscientific Comparison

Fuji Neopan Acros I

Like many, I was pleased to hear that Fuji Acros 100 had risen from the dead. Of course, I had a few rolls of the old Acros in my fridge, and so wondered how the two would compare.

Fuji Neopan Acros II

My Acros 100 I is recently (2019) expired, and has been consistently fridge stored so I didn’t expect any problems. I decided to take some test shots to compare this with a new roll of Across 100 II, keeping conditions as similar as possible. I relied on interchangeable film backs -one with each film stock- to take shots from the same point with the same exposure setting under the same conditions.
Both rolls were developed in Ilford Ilfotech DD-X 1+4 for 9 minutes at 20C (68F). Unfortunately, my developing tank only takes one roll with 120 roll film, so the two had to be developed separately. Scanning was on an EPSON Perfection V500. 
Both variants hold up well in low light with the usual resilience to reciprocity failure.
Scanning both film stocks simultaneously, (Acros I on the right, Acros II on the left in all images) the re-incarnation seems consistently more contrasty.
All in all, the results are close. I prefer the new emulsion if these results are anything to go by, but can’t completely rule out differences in development.

For a more detailed discussion, using HC110, see here.

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