Who on Earth is Alex?

Reading the Tagesspiegel

One photography project for this year was to go through old negatives. Having grown up with film, I have plenty. In addition, I inherited a file with old negatives from my father. One set is dated 1967 and contains pictures from Berlin of a guy named Alex.

In the shot above, he is reading ‘Der Tagesspiegel‘ (the Daily Mirror) one of the local papers, which is till around. Most of the people on the old negatives I can identify, but I have no idea who he is.

Old style German phone box

Given that these shots were taken some time before I appeared on the scene and spoiled the fun, I assume that he was one of his fellow students at the time, posing for photos.

There is a second shot with him in an old style German phone box pretending to make a call. Somebody in the adjacent phone box can be seen dialling a number on the rotary disk.

(Note to younger readers: once upon a time, in the last century, phones were to large to be carried and they were generally connected to a cable. To enable people to make calls from outside their homes, phone boxes were placed around town. People used little metal discs, called coins, to pay for their calls.)

The final shot in the series seems to have been taken in one of the backyards typical for blocks of flats. I guess so, because that’s where the trash cans are normally kept, although these days there would be at least 20-30 different ones, colour coded for the recycling scheme.

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