Paint it Black: Ortho Plus 80 – the rest of the roll

I finally finished my test roll of Ilford Ortho Plus 80. Doing this handheld in November in the north of England is not the best idea I ever had.

Liverpool, Georgian Quarter.

Even though, I got some results, developed in HC110(B) for 6 minutes at 20 centigrade (68F) as per my earlier test shots and judging by the results, I seem to have guessed correctly.

Canon EOS 3 with Canon EF 50mm, f1.8 wide open.

The film looks nice on some subjects like sand stone, other brickwork and cityscapes. Predictably, it gives odd results when red tones are involved.

Church Window in Bidston Village.
The fuel prices displayed by red LEDs disappear into the black background with the ortho-chromatic film.

A red UK letterbox seems almost black, bright red LED lighting on a black background disappears in the photo. Even autumn leaves look sombrely dark.

A nice film for the right occasion then, but no all rounder. For that, I stick to HP5.


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