Ilford Ortho-plus 80 in Kodak HC110

The good people at Ilford Photo have not only introduced their Ortho-Plus 80 emulsion in 35mm and 120 formats, they also made it available to the market. This alone is a vast improvement over some competitors.

Ortho-Plus 80

I eventually got my hands on some rolls, but wasn’t too sure what developer to use. It is always useful to know what versatile developers like HC110 or Rodinal can do. For Rodinal, the massive development chart only gives times for exposure at ISO40, and even then it is not too clear if that’s for daylight or tungsten. There were no times for HC110, but only for Ilfotech-HC on either the massive development chart or darkroom solutions. The two developers are similar, often with identical times for low speed films at box-speed, so Ilfotech-HC seemed close enough.

Canon EF with Ortho-Plus 80

At dilution B (1+31), the massive development chart quotes 6 minutes at 20 centigrade, while darkroom solutions mentions 8 minutes. Trying some time in between seemed like the obvious thing to do, so I went for 7 minutes HC110(B) at 20C°. Measuring with a hand held meter I shot the series below (from left to right) at: 1/8 f5.6 (measured time) as well as 1/8 f8 and 1/8 f4.

Bracketed shot in HC110(B) 7 minutes.

The frames above are raw scans with standard processing settings in VueScan. Among these, the one-stop under exposure seems best, so the massive development chart seems to get it right with six minutes and the Ilfotech-HC time carries over to HC110.

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