Bulb only …

Once upon a time, during the first #ShittyCameraChallenge I took part in, I used that beat up but functional Agfa Silette. This time round, the shutter gave in when testing different speeds, leaving me with bulb mode and no reliable timed exposure. Anyway, I decided to use it one more time, but now was confined to long exposures. With this constraint, I did not go so far as using a shitty film as well and decided to shoot Fuji Acros 100 pulled one stop to ISO 50. With this low speed and favouring small apertures, I expected to be constantly tripod bound with multi second exposure times.

It turned out not to be quite that simple. The shot above was taken at dusk with about 10 seconds exposure. I was largely confined to nighttime or indoor shots (a problem, because tripods are often not welcome) and little time for shooting. I got some nighttime shots on one of the few dry nights.

Concrete at Night

The exposure time here was over 2 minutes at f=16.  This barely functioning camera then was still capable of producing decent results. On the whole, this is not all too surprising. After all Fox-Talbot didn’t have timed shutters at all as far as I know. If the Victorians could get results covering their lens with a top hat between exposures, I should be able to do so in bulb mode, so long as the conditions were right.

Oxford Street, Liverpool

With little time and poor weather, such opportunities were limited though. With that, and a deadline for the challenge, I decided to transfer the film to a working Canon EOS 30 and shoot the remainder of the roll -still rated at ISO50- with a greater choice of shutterspeeds.

In the window

I developed the film in Rodinal 1+50 for 11 minutes at 20 centigrades (68 Fahrenheit).

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