Some thoughts on Tetenal’s Crisis and their C-41 Kit

Today, I noticed a number of tweets under the #SaveTetenal hashtag, which was new to me. The linked article contains a video in which the narrator states that Tetenal had declared bancruptcy. That’s not quite accurate. The term bankcruptcy suggests that the firm has collapsed. I am no accountant, but from what I hear, Tetenal has gone into administration in October 2018 with a view to keeping the company commercially viable. The German term used is Sanierungsverfahren (rehabilitation procedure) which would suggest that there is at least some hope remaining.

Chester by Boris Pfaffenzeller

The article itself alludes to C-41 press kits being marketed as home development kits. They are indeed and, in my experience, they are a mature and reliable product. Many seem put off by the fact that the temperature has to be kept at a higher level for C-41.

Chester in July

This is true in principle, but shouldn’t be overemphasized. The press kits were designed to work under less than perfect conditions and do. I like to share this video by photo vlogger Eduardo Pavez Goye to illustrate the point: he got a close match in performance comparing exact temperature control with a wild guess.

A Stormy Day at the Seaside by Boris Pfaffenzeller

One thing I would watch out for is the water used. I first used hot tap water to dilute the chemicals and got some discoloured streaks on the negative. This could be fixed and I had to look closely to see it –even though, this was not what I wanted.


For my next batch I moved to using de-ionised (~distilled) water which I heated in a water bath and the problem disappeared. So, anyone who wants to try colour developing and wonders how to support Tetenal might want to try their colortech C-41 kit. It is less difficult than it seems.

Arches by Boris Pfaffenzeller

Of course, all photos in this post were home developed with the Tetenal C-41 kit.

Terraces in Cheltenham

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